Sunday, July 31, 2011

Easy Crochet Baby Mittens

I made this pattern for four reasons:
1. I wanted to try crochet ribbing
2. I wanted to write my own crochet pattern
3. I wanted to use the pretty silk yarn I've been coveting for months
4. I wanted some mittens for my belly bean

Since the baby is due in 5 weeks, I'm feeling a massive surge of nesting. But I'm not interested in cleaning so much as knitting and crocheting. Now that I am out of work until the baby arrives, I've got plenty of time to get lots of projects done for baby. So you get to benefit!

Now this is only the second pattern I've ever written, so please let me know if you've come across any errors or if you have any questions. I will definitely do my best to help you. Also, I've never used the scribd site before, so if it sucks, let me know and I will put the PDF somewhere else.

I really hope that you enjoy this pattern as much as I enjoyed making it :)

EasyCrochet BabyMittens

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Small Flower Pattern

Ok, so I'd been trying unsuccessfully to create the flowers for 1.2 mini muffler by Keiko Okamoto (岡本啓子) so that I could attach them to my friend Lisa's Baby Thong Sandals that I am making. The pattern is written entirely in Japanese and since I had been working in the car while waiting for my husband to get off of work, I had no access to Ravelry for help. I just couldn't figure the chart out at all, but in my trial and error, I did come up with a flower pattern on my own. The copyright thing is a huge issue, so I will clarify here and say that I have reverse engineered their pattern without actually knowing what their pattern says. I have no idea how similar they are. I still don't have a translation at this point.

Anyhow, it's a simple pattern.

Make a magic loop:

Here's a helpful video by apinchofhope on youtube:

Or you can use these excellently written instructions (with pictures!) available here.

ch1, make 9 sc in loop:

join in ch 1 using sl st, pull loop tight:

 < ch 3, yo twice, insert hook in next st, yo and pull through 2 loops, yo and pull through 2 more loops (2 loops remain on hook) :

*yo twice, insert hook in same stitch, yo and pull through 2 loops, yo and pull through two more loops* 3 times. yo and pull through all 5 loops on hook:

ch 3 and sl st in next st> :

from < to >4 more times around. Join ch 3 in same loop as first ch 3:

Fasten off. And you have a flower! You can change the size of the flower by changing the yarn and/or the hook size.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A year and a Month

It's been a long time coming, but finally we are blessed. Too bad I'm too nauseous to enjoy it fully. I've been sick every day for two weeks now :(

Still happy as can be though :D