Friday, October 1, 2010

Flash your Stash

Tami is hosting an ongoing flash your stash meme.

I wanted to participate so here's my stash:

Since this photo was taken about a month ago, I have only added a couple skeins more, honest :)

 ^ 5 skeins mulberry silk almost a thread.

^ 20 skeins worsted weight silk
^ 5 skeins laceweight silk

And then, as my previous blog entry stated, I've gotten into spinning, so I've got some roving:

^ The Deep Superwash Longwool 2oz
                              ^Ashland Bay Chartreuse Merino 64s 2 OZ                                     
^Superwash/tencel Butterscotch Ripple 8 Oz 
^1lb. 2oz. Tencel

And you should have seen my poor husband's face when I told him I was flashing people on the internet. LOL!