Wednesday, November 3, 2010

On Failure...

The reason why I haven't been updating this is because I've been avoiding it. Why have I been avoiding it? Because the project that I was doing for this blog was a complete failure. I swear I'm not normally such a failure at things, but lately this past year just hasn't been doing well for me. I need a mulligan.

So the project was to be a holder for my spanking new Kindle (love that thing).  I had it all planned out and everything was going so very well. I had wooden dowels,wire cutters and wire to wrap them into a frame. I had yarn to attach the frame to a book that I mauled (mauling books is blasphemous IMO, but it was a necessary evil), and non adhesive shelf liner to give the whole thing some cushion.

 Oh man, this thing was turning out amazing! I was so sure this was going to work and I was going to be a pioneer with my own tutorial on my own blog. I was a freaking genius!!! Just look at the master craftsmanship... Admire my intellectual crafting capacity for a moment :

Alas, it was so not meant to be. While I may be innovative, my skills only go so far. My lack of seamstress skills have been my downfall, I think. I knew I couldn't pull off a properly sewed cover for this one. My solution? (here's where my genius fails me...get ready) Hot glue gun time!!!

Yep, obviously I'm an idiot. And a failure. Note the lovely (and by that I mean poorly done) glue job. The terrible overlapping. The complete destruction of such beautiful fabric. I'd destroyed my project aesthetically...

It's crooked, it's bulky, it's sloppy. And worst of all?!

The kindle no longer fit :(

I think it wouldn't have been so bad if it was just ugly, but for it to be completely non functional? I bow my creative head in shame. So much so that I had to go to walmart and purchase a kindle protector pre-made (Gasp!). 

It's ok though. I may give it another try sometime soon. And this time? I'm going to brave the sewing machine. I'm thinking that wherever my sewing skills are, they can't be nearly as bad as my hot glue gun skills.


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