Friday, October 1, 2010

Flash your Stash

Tami is hosting an ongoing flash your stash meme.

I wanted to participate so here's my stash:

Since this photo was taken about a month ago, I have only added a couple skeins more, honest :)

 ^ 5 skeins mulberry silk almost a thread.

^ 20 skeins worsted weight silk
^ 5 skeins laceweight silk

And then, as my previous blog entry stated, I've gotten into spinning, so I've got some roving:

^ The Deep Superwash Longwool 2oz
                              ^Ashland Bay Chartreuse Merino 64s 2 OZ                                     
^Superwash/tencel Butterscotch Ripple 8 Oz 
^1lb. 2oz. Tencel

And you should have seen my poor husband's face when I told him I was flashing people on the internet. LOL! 


  1. great stash (love all that silk) :) ... and the roving looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Beautiful stash!!! I'm jealous that you're learning to spin! How fun!

  3. i love your new additions to your stash! do you already have projects in mind? and all of the roving looks realllly nice. you will definitely have to post some FO pictures of those! :) i look forward to seeing what you spin!

  4. The Deep Superwash is beautiful. I love the colours and it looks so soft - Yum!
    You're a tidy stash person, with all the ball bands. I wish I could do that. :)

  5. @Caroline at One Pointy Stick Lol, Yeah, I'm actually a bit OCD about it. I keep the bands on all of them until I get ready to work with that skein, then I take the band off and store it in an accordian folder so that I can go back later for wash/care instructions.

  6. @atangledyarn

    Thank you! I don't any projects in mind yet. I'm just getting into buying the higher quality yarns, and I've found myself stuck at the "petting" stage. Once I get past that threshold though... look out :P I have no idea what I'll make out of it yet. Mostly I'm looking at scarf and shawl patterns.

  7. @Tami Klockau

    Oh you should give it a try! It's not the easiest thing in the wold, but it's not super hard either. You can do it! And as long as you keep at it, you'll have lovely handmade yarn in no time!

  8. pretty fibers! love the silk, and all the gorgeous fibers! i do a smidge of spinning...

  9. Definitely jealous of your stash, especially the roving. I've just started to spin, and I want all of the roving that I see! :P